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September 19, 2015

Regents, Rastetter responsible for UI president fiasco

The Board of Regents and the governor have made a mockery of what should have been an open and fair process of selecting the next UI president. By appointing Bruce Harreld they have chosen a person unqualified to have been among the finalists in the first place. In so doing they have embarrassed the university and insulted those involved in the selection process, including the other very distinguished and highly qualified candidates, the search committee and the members of the university community who in good faith participated in the open forums and meetings with the candidates.

The other finalists came to campus in the full expectation that they would be given fair consideration. They prepared well, and each evidenced the leadership qualities that suggested the benefit substantial experience in high-level university administration would bring to the university. Ultimately, the citizens of the state of Iowa, who take legitimate pride in their state university, will bear the burden of this flawed and misguided search.
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